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About this event

Board 2018-2019
May 10, 2019, 7:00:00 PM
May 12, 2019, 11:00:00 AM
Nijmegen - Enschede


For the first time in years, Lugus will participate in the famous Batavierenrace again. The race from Nijmegen to Enschede consists of 25 stages totaling 175 kilometres. With over 8.000 students participating, you are guaranteed to have a great time. The race will start on Friday the 10th of May and will end on Saturday the 11th with the biggest student party of the Benelux with 10.000+ students. Check out the movie below!

The race consists of the following stages:

Gender Distance Startlocation
Men 6,1 km Grote Markt
Men 7,4 km RSC
Men 7,6 km Wylerbergmeer
Women 4,9 km Niel
Men 9,9 km Dingdung
Men 7,4 km Rindern
Men 7,3 km Oraniendeich
Women 6,7 km 's-Heerenberg
Women 5,1 km Azewijn
Men 10,5 km Ulft
Women 3,8 km Oostelijke Oude Aaltenseweg
Women 4,9 km VMI-group te Lireweg
Women 5,2 km Zwarte Veen
Men 7,6 km Heelweg
Men 9,4 km Wolfersveen
Men 6,4 km Huize Zelle
Men 3,5 km Hagenbeek
Men 8 km Her Topicus te Barchem
Men 7,2 km Nettelhorst
Women 6 km Noordijk
Men 6,3 km Middendorp
Men 10,7 km Bentelo
Women 7,4 km Grolsch
Women 7,8 km Enschede
Men 7,8 km Enschede

Do you want to participate in the race? Send an email to with your name and your desired stage(s). For more information you can come to the board or go to

the website of the Batavierenrace

What: Batavierenrace

When: 10-12 May

Where: Nijmegen to Enschede

Costs: €25,- (approximately, the price might be slightly adjusted

For whom: Everyone