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Year Representation

The year representation (YR) is an initiative from the advisory group of the IEM programme: the Programme Committee (PC). In cooperation with Lugus they came to the conclusion that the current course evaluations aren’t sufficient. To properly evaluate, the year representation was created.

This is how it works and what they do:

  • The Bachelor is represented by three YRs. Every bachelor year has its own YR. 
  • Each YR consists of at least six students taking courses from the same year. 
  • After each period there are evaluation sessions in which the regular course evaluation takes place. 
  • The YR organises the meetings to gauge student satisfaction between subjects and still be able to jump in at major complaints. 
  • The course evaluations will take place at the end of each block. Here, the teacher(s), the study coordinator, an employee of the Secretariate and three to five students who are regulated by the YR are present.

You can contact the year representation for comments or improvements for the courses you attend. If you have a comment or complaint, don’t wait or hesitate to contact the YR. This way, the YR and the PC can raise the issue with the teacher and assure that it is taken care of.

If you have a question or comment, you can send an email to