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What are LuGuides?

Every year around 150 new students will join our beautiful association. To make sure these first year students get to know Lugus and all its great aspects, LuGuides will be there for them. LuGuides are enthusiastic Lugus members who want to present Lugus towards the new first year students. Together with another LuGuide they will guide around 15 students to Lugus events. Besides that, they will organise their own activities to integrate with the group.

Please note: a LuGuide is not the same as the mentorship offered by the University of Groningen.

How to become a LuGuide?

You can apply by sending in your creative application to or by presenting it to the board at the Lugus Lounge. You can either sign up individually or in pairs. Make sure to surprise us with your application!


LuGuides 2020-2021

Wietske Hendrika Anema (2019) -
Floor Bannink (2018) -
Lucia Bartesaghi (2019) -
Wendy van den Berg (2018) -
Aymar Berkel (2018) -
Anwar Boussajra (2019) -
Anthoni Alvaro Budiono (2019) -
Rudi van Driezum (2018) -
Damien Dufour (2019) -
Endre Jószef René Eisenga (2018) -
Hilde Gillesse (2018) -
Justin de Groot (2018) -
Eva van Halen (2018) -
Wicher G. Heeres (2018) -
Myriam Kammüller Pont (2019) -
Marijn Krips (2018) -
Tim Lankhuizen (2019) -
Judith Oeben (2019) -
Ruben Satink (2019) -
Maud Visser (2019) -

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