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The Travels of Lugi

Our beloved fish loves to travel with his fellow lugians and to show this the Travels of Lugi section is created. In this page you can see where everybody resides troughout the years and how the Lugus vibe is spread over the world.

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Paris, France - 600.82 km 

Demi Martherus

Lugi was overwhelmed when he saw the Eiffel tower, it was eveything that he expected. He was a bit sad however, because fish were not allowed to climb the construction.


Hamburg, Germany - 260.08 km

Nina Pronk

Terified for his life, Lugi decided to risk it all by taking a picture of a luring swan.


Venice, Italy - 1092.03 km

Erwin Nieuwelaar

Lugi was very excited about this trip as he could see an entire city just by swimming through it. Moreover he had a great laugh with Erwin as he is always full of jokes. He even had the opportunity to promote the Beta-Business Days in Italy, awesome!


Valloire,  France - 898,91 km

At first Lugi was very excited for the ski-trip! However, as they went up the mountain Lugi felt a bittering wind coming up. The wind was so cold the water Lugi was in frose, turning our fish into an ice-cone. This made Lugi decide to never join the ski-trip again!


Bottrop, Germany - 192.42 km

What a thrilling day for our fish. Not only did he entered some of the most dangerous roller coasters, he also met his friend from bikini bottom. Especially spongebob and Patrick were so cool, it made feel Lugi like he was a guppy instead of a strong goldfish.   


Como, Italy - 893.49 km

Gijs van der Veen

Ah beautifull Italy, this was a relaxing holiday for Lugi. Finally some rest after a year in the Lugus lounge entertaining all those IEM students. Lugi enjoyed the fresh air and could look miles away, it was like he had become a flying fish.


Eiffel Tower, Paris - 600.82 km far and 50 meter high

Demi Martherus

Of course Lugi was joking when he said he was not allowed top climb the stairs. The lazy fish was carried!


Loch Ness, United Kingdom - 829.04 km

Gijs van der Veen

That the Loch Ness monster exists Lugi doubts not. Lugi was just swimming like usual untill he suddenly was launched over 15 meters into the sky. It was then that he could see the enormous beast, terrifying Lugi for the rest of his life.

New York

New York, United States - 5931.37 km

Nina Pronk & Demi Martherus

The big apple, the birthplace of the Donald. This was a interesting trip for Lugi as he was curious how this city produced such a fine president. Moreover, Lugi was amazed by the immense size of central park. It was however nothing compared to the beauty of the Groninger Noorderplantsoen. 


Risoul, France - 956.42 km

Rick Groen

Of course Lugi joined the ski trip again this year. Luckily for Lugi his pal Rick was also there showing him all the tips and tricks of skying. Also Rick learned Lugi to shine at the yeti bar just as good as on the slopes.


Leuven, Belgium - 297,27 km

Roel Steggink

Lugi together with Roel visited the Belgium city of Leuven where they drank allot of special paips. Roel showed Lugi the entire city and even when it was crowded Lugi could oversee it all at the rigth shoulder of his large buddy.


Sofia, Bulgary - 1970.42 km

Bas Lindeboom, Nina Pronk, Thomas van de Wijdeven, Demi Martherus and Calvin Rekveld

An epic trip with the sixteenth board to the capital of Bulgary. Here Lugi got really bored as there was no water and the board was only visiting all the bars of the city, meaning that Lugi had to swim in a glass all the time. Nontheless Lugi did found the trip very amuzing as Lugi saw that the group had a lot of fun together.


Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hongary - 1433 km

Together with 5 other Lugians, Lugi swam to the Sziget Island in Budapest where he enjoyed the sun, some cold beers and good music. 


Marrakech, Morocco - 3407 km

Lugi swam to Africa to visit Marrakech with 2 generations of Secretaries. 


Guatapé, Colombia - 8915 km

During the IEM-project trip, one of our former chairmen had the wonderful idea to spread the Lugi love to the outskirts of Colombia. Swimming near the mansions of Pablo Escobar felt frightening for our little orange friend. However, with 30 MSc students by his side, he added an incredible adventure to his long list.