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Engineering and Management Association Lugus

TBV Lugus is the study association for all students of Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering and Systems & Control at the University of Groningen. Lugus has over 700 members from all different tracks and years and is growing every year. With over 100 active members Lugus organizes social, educational and career-oriented activities.

Objectives TBV Lugus

  • "To contribute to the broadening of the scientific education of its members."
    The association organizes activities such as symposia, excursions, conferences and handles the book sales for its members.

  • "To promote bonding between students and the academic staff."
    The association tries to achieve this through socials, (ski)trips, social and sporting activities and an introduction camp for first-year students.

  • "To represent the interests of its members that relate to their studies or to their future employment.”
    This is done by organizing in-house days, excursions, business contact days and study support activities. 

Why the name Lugus?

Lugus was the god of crafts and trade, owner of many arts and was a symbol of continuous movement and change. This made him a very special example for the smiths. In the course of time, this side of Lugus was more important and he went to trade in technology, production and sales.

The always-effective spear Lugus used in battle symbolizes an effective and practical way of achieving change. Effective as in 'know how to do it' and practical 'know how it can be done': know how to apply theory in practice. Obviously, this is fully applicable to the study of Industrial Engineering and thus the name TBV Lugus was born.