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Feringa Building

In the next few years a lot will be changing at Nijenborgh 4.
The current Nijenborgh 4 complex is no longer sufficient and will be replaced by a new building, called Feringa Building. Construction work on the long-term project at the Zernike Campus Groningen will continue in 2018. After the Bernoulliborg and Linnaeusborg buildings, Feringa Building will be the third new building for the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The new building will be one of the largest construction projects in the Netherlands and will house some 1400 students and 850 staff members. Alongside offices and teaching rooms, the building will also house a wide range of specialized laboratories, including physics, chemistry and low-vibration labs. 

A 3D Impression of the final design can be found here.

Furthermore, the most recent updates on the construction of the Feringa building can be found here

Some pictures are shown beneath.