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Ski & Sports Committee

Since 2007, Lugus organises an annual ski trip open to all members. To maintain this tradition, the Ski & Sports Committee is looking for the best winter sports there is every year! During these ten days the Lugians enjoyed the slopes, good snow and many drinks. The Ski & Sports Committee will organizes this awesome ski trip every year. All Lugus members can join the ski trip, so you as an upcoming freshman can also join and make it the best trip of your life!

Next to organizing the ski trip, the committee is busy organizing sport events throughout the year. They organize sports activities like wakeboarding, sailing, golfing and all sort of different sports. All first year students can apply for the Ski & Sports Committee. You will organize the upcoming ski trip, which includes the accommodation, bus trip, ski passes and the most important factor of a great trip promotion. Because to make the ski trip unforgettable, we of course need enough Lugus members that will join!

Furthermore, you will be in charge of the Lugus sport activities. During your year as a member of the Ski & Sports Committee you will learn a lot, meet many new people, have a lot of fun with your fellow committee members and will make many new memories. 

The slopes, the snow and many drinks are waiting for you! See you there!

SkiCie 2023-2024

Stan Martynov (2023) Chairman
Benedikt Billand (2023) Secretary
Jaime Fais (2023) Treasurer
Benjamin Pieter Haverkamp (2023) Public Relations

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