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Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has another effect that might not be as visible but is also very important to pay attention to! Due to the lockdown and the reduction of people we are allowed to see, some people might feel a bit isolated, something you would not expect to happen while studying in such a lively city as Groningen. With experiencing the stress of studying and the more isolated way of living, it is natural to feel down a bit more these times. 

Therefore, it is even more important to have a listening ear when feeling down. This page is started to point you towards the listening ear you might need from time to time. Below, there are several links to institutions, services or small training modules which are there to help you if you are in need of having some mental support. Furthermore, there is a list of contact information of people within the IEM programme and Lugus who can help you.

      E-health self-care modules from Mirro

      Is your mind not in a great place? Feeling a bit out of balance or are you experiencing persisting stress? Mirro new online self-help modules could help you! These self-help modules provide you with online support if you are going through a difficult time. There are several topics you can choose from, e.g. anxiety, study stress or worrying. These e-health courses are also very suitable to support you with topics such as getting grip on Corona-stress, alcohol usage, excessive gaming or mourning. The courses are short and solution-oriented. Please note! If you experience severe problems, it is explicitly recommended that you also make an appoint with your home doctor (general practitioner).

      Would you like to have information about other forms of support from the University of Groningen?

      For most problems, contacting the study advisor IEM is most practical. If, for some reason, this is not ideal, contacting the confidential advisor of the university can prove effective.
      For problems within the association TBV Lugus, you can contact Kris Schoeman. 

      Study Advisor IEM Bachelor:

      Jorrit Waslander - j.waslander@rug.nl

      Study Advisor IEM Master:

      Solita van Duin - s.van.duin@rug.nl

      Confidential Advisor University of Groningen:

      drs. M.H.J. Renker - m.h.j.renker@rug.nl

      Confidential Advisor TBV Lugus:

      Kris Schoeman - secretary@tbvlugus.nl