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Lugus Company Tour Committee

Each year the LCT Committee organises a three-day excursion to cities in the Netherlands to visit several interesting companies. This is the perfect opportunity for students to get an idea of what kind of companies they might end up working for after they have finished their studies. Of course, business has to be combined with pleasure. Besides taking a look behind the scenes of IEM related companies, the programme will also contain cultural and social activities. Therefore, the Lugus Company Tour is also a great way to get to know other Lugus members.

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Lugus Company Tour Committee 2023-2024

Arav Bantwal (2022) Chairman
Diar Kussainov (2022) Public Relations
Michal Fryderyk Nowacki (2022) Treasurer
Carlos R Rodriguez (2022) Secretary
Atakan Yazganarikan (2022) Acquisition