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Technology & Society Congress

TaSC is a yearly congress organised by the study association of TBV Lugus. It offers their students a unique day on which they can explore their career options as well as broaden their knowledge of the theme of TaSC. 

The congress hosts multiple speakers with different backgrounds. Our moderator takes care of the transition between lectures, starting in-depth discussions with students and the speakers. 

Furthermore, companies are given the chance to showcase themselves during workshops. These workshops give the students an outstanding chance to apply what they know, on a business case. After the closing discussion session the day we will end by having dinner together. Students can choose to dine with one of their favourite speakers of the day. Or discuss their experiences with fellow students.

TaSC 2022-2023

Martijn Schippers (2020) Chairman
Temmo Rijken (2019) Vice Chairman
Raquel Rando CarriĆ³n (2021) Secretary
Sander de Bakker (2020) Treasurer
Sandro Sappia (2021) Event Manager
Brazil de Vries (2020) Public Relations

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