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IEM Project

The IEM project gives a new dimension to the study IEM. Through a case study, the participants will gain practical experience. Furthermore, they will learn work-cultures at home and abroad during the company visits. However, the most valuable experience will be gained during the journey through an intercontinental country.

The overwhelming success of the first IEM projects has raised the bar for future IEM projects. We have the goal to surpass the previous project in all aspects and to build a solid foundation on which future projects can be based.

We try to get as many students as possible to join this adventure. We expect, therefore, that the enthusiasm of the members is at least as high as ours!

To contact the committee for questions/suggestions you can send an email to

IEM-Project 2023-2025

Brazil de Vries (2020) Chairman
Judith Oeben (2019) Vice-Chairman
Sander de Bakker (2020) Treasurer
Quentin Hopman (2020) Promotion
Jelmer Veenhuizen (2020) External Relations
Kamiel Politiek (2020) External Relations

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