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Programme Committee

Welcome to the page of the Programme Committee (PC) of Industrial Engineering and Management. We are an advisory body of the IEM programme. We advise the Programme Board and the Faculty on the content of the programme. Issues to be addressed may include: education and examination regulations, scheduling, educational reform, the functioning of teachers, the connection of subjects and the level of education. The PC organizes and manages the course evaluations.

The students of the PC make sure that the feedback from students on the education is included in the administration of the programme. So if you have comments about improvements you can always contact us. The PC consists of students, each following different subjects within their own yearly intervals. There is also a year representation. Look on the page of the year representation to figure out who they are. Don’t hesitate to address them. They try to give as much feedback as possible, but all the help is welcome.

The evaluations are very important, because with these evaluations the level of education is maintained. The students in the years after you profit from your feedback on the courses!

To contact the Programme Committee please send an email to their adress:

Programme Committee 2019-2020

Nout Franke (2015) Member
Rick van der Straten (2016) Member
Bruno Koch (2017) Chairman
Lucas Snijder (2018) Member
Irene Bouwman (2019) Member
Bram Gorter (2019) Member