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Course Support

Lugus offers three types of Course support sessions: Group Tutoring, Exam Support Sessions and Course Support Readers. Additionally, for a number of courses Course Support Readers are provided. 

Group Tutoring

For certain difficult courses, an experienced TA will guide you through the most important parts of a course using the Course Support Reader. The sessions are organised for groups of somewhere between 10 and 20 students. The tutoring program generally consists of 2 sessions of 3 hours each per course in order to provide you with the best preparation for the course exam. A small fee is required in order to pay the tutor and take part in a tutor group. 

Exam Support Sessions

In this session, an experienced TA will go over a relevant exam. There will be time to practice exam exercises during these sessions that will later be explained by the TA. Of course, any questions regarding the exam/course can be asked to the TA.

Practice Sessions

Practice Sessions are organised for courses that require a lot of practice and cover a wide range of topics. Therefore, it is more suitable to ask questions individually and practice under supervision of a TA than go through the entire course yet again. These sessions are organised once per course exam.

Course Support Reader

For certain courses we have extended course support readers available. These readers contain an overview of the course material and are free and available for download at the Lugus site.

These support packages are carefully put together by experienced student assistants. Although these readers are written with the greatest possible care, the association TBV Lugus does not accept any liability regarding their use in preparing for the exam. In addition, a very important point must be made. Since these readers give a comprehensive overview of the course they can sometimes seem like a syllabus for the whole course. However, this is not the case. It is only an aid in preparing for your exam and therefore in no way a substitute for the book and given lectures and seminars.

Since we as a study association cannot emphasise enough how important it is to participate actively in lectures, we have also decided to only put the support readers online just before and during the exams periods. After the resit, the support readers will be taken offline. Each year, these support readers are revised and adapted to the design and literature for the course in that year. We therefore strongly advise you not to use readers from previous years.