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Sustainability is often described as “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. In recent times sustainability has grown out to be a topic of massive proportion, especially within the University. We as Lugus aim to support all efforts to increase sustainability on every scale, from individual students to the association as a whole.

In recent years this has become more and more important for TBV Lugus and such, some efforts towards a more sustainable association have already been made. As a result, TBV Lugus was rewarded with the Green office “Bronze '' sustainability award of 2021. This was of course celebrated by both the board and the members but leaves some room for improvement.


To ensure further efforts towards a more sustainable association the TBV Lugus aims to increase the awareness surrounding sustainability. Furthermore, Lugus has set some goals to work towards in the long term

  • Convincing members about sustainability in an informal manner.

  • Actively looking for sustainable partner companies.

  • Minimizing paper waste were possible

  • Achieving a more sustainable image on social media