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Your future now

In the last years of your study it’s time to look at your future. What do you want when you receive you degree? A nice job at an interesting company is usually an attractive prospect. Where do you get those jobs and how do you know which company suits you? Lugus can help you.

Lugus aims to bring students and companies in contact with each other. Labor market orientation can be gained in various ways. For example there are lectures, excursions, workshops, lunches, dinners and symposia organized by Lugus that bring companies and you closer together. These activities can be found on our events calendar, and you can always come to the Lugus Lounge where you can find multiple flyers and folder for business events.

On the left you can find some of TBV Lugus sponsors with their company profile. A company profile is very useful as a source to orientate or for the first contact with companies.