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ESTIEM is the network of all European IEM studies and stands for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management. This network gives its members the opportunity to get in touch with other students in Europe by joining exchanges and other active, social, cultural and educational events.

The ESTIEM network consists of 72 local groups and Groningen is one of them. Each local group organises activities that are open for all 50.000 members of the ESTIEM network to join.

The ESTIEM committee is responsible for the activities in Groningen and the promotion in Groningen for activities abroad. They organise exchanges to other European cities, the local qualifications for the ESTIEM case competition and a re-exchange where international students come here to Groningen. The committee will also organise a weekend activity and one or more social activities, for example a WoMiBo.

To join Local Group Groningen, you can freely sign up by following the subscription guidelines.

Subscription Guidelines

1: Send your email address to ESTIEM ( or approach one of the committee members.

2: Within a week, you will receive an email with your username and password.

3: Go to and fill in your given username and password, received in the mail.

4: Firstly, it is important to change your password. To do this, go to My Profile -> Account Data -> Change Password.

5: At Events you can see all activities organized throughout Europe. If you are interested you can directly apply by yourself or with friends. Are you ready to explore Europe?!

For more information about ESTIEM activities and the committee, you can always approach the current committee or send an e-mail to:

See also: Committee archive

ESTIEM 2020-2021

Anwar Boussajra (2019) Chairman
Silke Schriek (2019) Secretary
Judith Oeben (2019) Treasurer
Maud Visser (2019) Local Responsible
Iris Willemsen (2019) Commissioner of Exchange
Ruben Satink (2019) Project Leader
Joƫlle lap (2019) Public Relations