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Board members

The board members can be contacted by the information below.

Mathijs Tjeerdsma  - Chairman
(+31) 6 39071402

Thomas van Drie - Secretary 
(+31) 6 18515682

Gerko Nathan Wijnants - Treasurer 
(+31) 6 37662752

Risto de Bakker - Internal Affairs & Education 
(+31) 6 37179357

Syts de Kuiper- Corporate Relations 
(+31) 6 18170497

Where to find TBV Lugus?

The association has her own members- and boardroom in the Physics- and Chemistry Complex at the Zernike Complex of the University of Groningen and Hanze University. These rooms are available for the committees and board to have meetings, and for members to socialize. There is always room between lectures for a free cup of coffee or tea.

You are invited to come and visit our 'Lugus lounge', available at level 2 of Building 18 of the NCC-Complex.


The board of TBV Lugus can be contacted at the address below:

TBV Lugus 
Nijenborgh 4 
9747 AG Groningen 
Room: 5117.0221a 

Tel: (050) 363 8490 

Map of Zernike