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Current board

The board maintains overview of all the activities within the association. It oversees the committees, organizes activities and represents Industrial Engineering and Management students on several occasions. In addition, the board plays an important role in the contact with the study, faculty and university.


Board 2020-2021

Ilse Overvelde (2018) Chairman
Kris Schoeman (2017) Secretary
Merijn Kaal (2018) Treasurer
Susan Veldman (2018) Internal Affairs and Education
Oscar Timte (2018) Corporate Relations

Ilse Overvelde | Chairman

Hi eveyone, my name is Ilse Overvelde and I have the honour of being the chairman of the nineteenth board of TBV Lugus. I come from a small town named De Vecht, which has no more than 200 inhabitants. Therefore, moving to a city as big as Groningen to study IEM was a huge step for me. After having a great time in both the Activity and ESTIEM Committee, this board year will be my next big challenge. Especially this year, I think it will be a challenging but wonderful experience which I will never forget. I am always in for a nice conversation or a drink, so I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Lugus Lounge or one of our amazing activities this year!

Kris Schoeman | Secretary

My name is Kris Schoeman and I am the Secretary of the nineteenth board of TBV Lugus. I was born in Wijchen, a small city in Gelderland. However, I grew up in the beautiful city of Almelo. Since I became a member of Lugus, I have been quite active within the association. In the first year, I joined the Ski and Sports Committee and, in the years after, I was a member of the Lugus Empowerment Days Committee and the Almanac Committee as well. After these hugely different committees, I felt it was time for the next challenge. I am really looking forward to this year, having great experiences with my fellow board members and you all! I am always in for a chat while enjoying a cup of coffee or a beer. If you have questions, you can always contact me or find me at the lounge!



Susan Veldman | Internal Affairs and Education

My name is Susan Veldman and I come from Heerenveen. This is my third year as an IEM student here in Groningen. During my time here I have done the Introduction and Almanac Committee. After these committees, I wanted to take on a new challenge and I became the Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Education of the 19th board of TBV Lugus. I will guide the committees and organise study support next year. I am very excited for this year and hope to see you all during the activities or in the Lugus Lounge to have a chat with a coffee or beer.


Oscar Timte | Corporate Relations

My name is Oscar Timte, born and raised in the beautiful Hengelo and next year I will fulfill the function of Commissioner of Corporate Relations. I started my studies at Lugus two years ago and after my time in the Activity and the LED committee I decided a board at Lugus would be a great next step. Coming year I will be focused on connecting IEM students with interesting companies and bringing in the big bucks on the side. Hopefully, I get a chance to see all of you during the upcoming events, and have a beer (or two). If you have any questions regarding anything do not hesitate to contact me!