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Current board

The board maintains overview of all the activities within the association. It oversees the committees, organizes activities and represents Industrial Engineering and Management students on several occasions. In addition, the board plays an important role in the contact with the study, faculty and university.


Board 2018-2019

Gijs Slosser Chairman
Emma Langeveld Secretary
Bjarne Frons Treasurer
Lauren Alberda Internal Affairs & Education
Nout Franke Corporate Relations


Gijs Slosser | Chairman

My name is Gijs Slosser and I have the honor of taking the role of chairman in the seventeenth board of Lugus. I originally lived in Enschede, a city in the beautiful area of 'Twente'. After a fun year within the Ski and Sports Committee and a very exciting year in the Lustrum Committee, a board year is the next step to challenge myself. Coming year will be a year full of surprises and an experience to cherish for the rest of my life. I am glad to share this experience not only with my fellow board members, but also with the rest of the Lugians.  Be sure to have a cup of coffee with me at the Lugus Lounge and I hope that together we can make another great year!

Emma Langeveld | Secretary

My name is Emma and I come from a small town next to Wageningen called Bennekom. Currently, I am following the Production Technology and Logistics track within the Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management. After some great experiences in the LCT, Photo and Marketing Committee, I am ready for my next challenge: being the Secretary of the board ‘18-’19! I am looking forward to this great experience and believe that together we will be able to create yet another amazing year for Lugus. I am always in for a chat, so I hope to see you all at the Lugus Lounge but of course also at the amazing activities that are going to take place next year!


persoonlijke foto bjarne

Bjarne Frons | Treasurer

My name is Bjarne Frons and I am twenty years young. After the choice for the prestigious study Industrial Engineering and Management, I got in touch with Lugus. Immediately, I realized it had a lot to offer. I had the honor of being in the Ski and Sports Committee and in the LED Committee where I learned a lot and came in contact with many people. This year, I have the privilege to be the treasurer of this wonderful board. I am looking forward to spend all my time making sure Lugus does not go bankrupt this year and to enjoy all the stunning activities that Lugus organizes. I would like to finish by saying that you do not have to hesitate to ask me any questions and that I would love to drink a beer with everyone during one of our next socials or activities!

Lauren Alberda | Internal Affairs & Education

Hi there! My name is Lauren Alberda and I was born in Assen. Currently I am a third-year student of Industrial Engineering and Management and following the PTL track. After great fun with the ESTIEM committee, it is time for an even greater challenge: being a board member of the board ‘18-’19! I am very excited for the upcoming year, especially to be the Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Education. Besides Lugus, you can find me at Gyas or just chilling with friends. If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am really looking forward to this year and hope to see you guys all at the Lugus Lounge!



Nout Franke | Corporate Relations

My name is Nout Franke and I come from Hengelo. I am 21 years old and, logically, studying Industrial Engineering and Management. You may know me from the LCT Committee of ’17-’18 or you could have seen me as a LuGuide. I just finished the PPT track bachelor of IEM, and when the opportunity came to apply for a Lugus board year I did not hesitate. I am very excited for the upcoming year, epecially to be responsible for all the corporate affairs Lugus is engaged in. So, do not hesitate to ask all your questions regarding our corporate relations or of course any other questions! In my spare time you can find me in the gym, playing board games or listening to music. Again, I look very much forward to the coming year and besides I am always in for a chat, so I hope to see you guys a lot at the Lugus lounge!