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Lugus Inhouse Tour

The Lugus Inhouse Tour (LIT) is a business trip organized for a limited number of master students (anonymous CV selection). It offers the opportunity for these students to get acquainted with the differen branch by receiving company presentations, solving cases, and ending each visit with either a networking lunch or drinks. This business trip takes several days and takes you to some of the most interesting companies in the Netherlands.

The business trip is a great way to visit companies where you will potentially work in the future. If you want to become more professional and create contacts for your future, this is a great place to start!

For questions and more information, you can always come by the Lugus Lounge or email the LIT Committee at!

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Lugus Inhouse Tour 23-24

Damien Dufour (2019) Chairman
Roos Poelman (2020) Secretary
Sandro Sappia (2021) Treasurer
Dide Çetinayak (2020) Event Manager
Kate Schoen (2020) Public Relations