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During the Lustrum Lugus will look back at another five years of her existence. The Lustrum consists of several activities all to celebrate this joyful occurence. The last edition took place in October 2017 and was themed XtroVert.  Those with a passe-partout enjoyed a week full of activities with for example a swimming pool party, the famous slokstock and even a trip to MoviePark Germany. This was however not all as there were many more activities to explore. Even without a pass-partouts all Lugians still had the opportunity to join the activities in order to honour the birthday of our beloved association. 

This years committee will organise the Lustrum of 2022!

Lustrum 2021-2022

Mariska van der Hoek (2018) Chairman
Roos Poelman (2020) Secretary
Jip Hoekman (2020) Treasurer
Joƫlle Lap (2019) Head of Acquisition
Ronan Shao You Hofman (2020) Acquisition
Maud Visser (2019) Acquisition
Ruben Satink (2019) Public Relations
Anwar Boussajra (2019) Public Relations
Jeen Veenstra (2020) Public Relations