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Almanac Committee

The brand new Almanac Committee is resposible for the development of the Lugus Almanac of the acedamic year 2018-2019. An almanac is a great way to look back at the past year and its fun events and will be full of pictures and stories. The committee will use the pictures taken by the Lugus Photographers on all the events to make sure nothing will fade into oblivion. 

Almanac 2020-2021

Lucia Bartesaghi (2019) Head of Layout
Christopher de Bruijn (2017) Layout
Mariska van der Hoek (2018) Chairman
Myriam Kammüller Pont (2019) Head of Content
Hana Nishimura (2019) Secretary
Folkert Post (2017) Content
Iris Willemsen (2019) Treasurer

A list of the former committees can be found here: committee archive