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Student Member of Cluster Board

Student Member of a Cluster Board


In the academic year 2020-2021, a new educational organisation will start. A key aspect of
this new organisation is the division of all degree programmes in clusters of related
programmes. In total, there will be 6 such clusters.

Each cluster will have a cluster board, responsible for the content and the execution of the
programmes in the cluster. This includes developing a vision for the future, taking care of the
continuity and consistency, and ensuring the quality of all education.
A cluster board consists of a chair, a number of education directors and programme
directors, and a student member. The education directors represent the various research
institutes that are involved in the cluster. Each programme director is responsible for one or
more degree programmes within the cluster, and acts as the “face” of the programme. The
roles of programme and education director can be combined.

The student member of each cluster board represents the students from all programmes of
the cluster. They will be in close contact with the relevant study associations and programme
committees to keep up-to-date about student-related matters, and are the link between the
cluster board and the students in the cluster.

To be able to properly fulfil this position, an existing network within the faculty/cluster is
important. Furthermore, a good view on how the faculty functions is also desirable. Usually,
some previous experience within the faculty is sufficient to satisfy these conditions; think of:
- Member of a Programme Committee
- Mentor for first-year students within the degree
- TA positions for various courses
- Committee memberships of the study association

The position as cluster student also requires proper communicative skills and a good
command of English. The position takes about 6-8 hours (1 day) per week, which will be
compensated with an appointment of 0.15fte for the entire year (~€5000 in total).
To apply for this position, please draft a CV and a motivational letter and send it to the
email address for your cluster below. Please explicitly mention the cluster board you are
applying for! Applications are open until May 31st.
If you have any questions regarding the position, don’t hesitate to contact the current
student assessor, Floris Westerman, at

- Cluster A: BSc/MSc Computing Science; BSc/MSc Artificial Intelligence; BSc/MSc
(Applied) Mathematics; MSc Human-Machine Communication
Send your application to Joeri ten Kate:
- Cluster B: BSc/MSc Astronomy; BSc/MSc (Applied) Physics; MSc Nanoscience; MSc
Energy and Environmental Sciences
Send your application to Ivan Gentile Japiassu:
- Cluster C: BSc/MSc Chemistry; BSc/MSc Chemical Engineering; BSc Life Science &
Send your application to Annemarie Doze:
- Cluster D: BSc/MSc Biology; MSc Ecology & Evolution; MSc Marine Biology; MSc
Biomolecular Sciences; MSc Biomedical Sciences; MSc Behavioural and Cognitive
Send your application to Aindrilla Chander:
- Cluster E: BSc/MSc Industrial Engineering and Management; MSc Mechanical
Engineering; BSc/MSc Biomedical Engineering
Send your application to Annemarie Doze:
- Cluster F: BSc/MSc Pharmacy; MSc Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences
Send your application to Aindrilla Chander: