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Date and time
26 Apr 2022 16:15 - 10 Sep 2022 23:55

Lugus Lustrum 'Renaissance'



From September 30 until October 6, 2022, we will celebrate the twentieth birthday of our beloved study association TBV Lugus! The theme for this fourth Lustrum is RENAISSANCE! The theme represents change, but also rebirth. Because now after Covid, it is the perfect way to get back to our old but better ways in Groningen as TBV Lugus!

During the week, numerous activities will be organized. The activities include:


Date and time



Day 1, Friday 30 sept, 17:30-3:30

Gala at a castle incl diner includes a three-course dinner and an open bar for beer, wine, domestic distilled, and soft drinks. Transportation is taken care of by tour busses

For Lugus members and +1

For alumni

Day 2, Saturday 1 oct, 12:00

Alumni lunch event at Grand Cafe Time Out

Sandwiches, Krokketten, Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee

Day 3, Sunday 2 oct, 20:00

Movie night

at Pathé, incl popcorn & drink

Day 4, Monday 3 oct, 13:00-17:00

Career event

Both master and bachelor students

Day 4, Monday 3 oct, 22:00

Golden Age Theme Party at t Fust !

Theme party including 400 beers

Day 5, Tuesday 4 oct, 12:30-17:30

Grunopark outdoor sports activities - Ziplining, Waterskiing or Archer tag

Incl fries and a drink afterwards

Day 5, Tuesday 4 oct, 20:00

Cocktail night at Donovan’s

Incl cocktail workshop and some free cocktails

Day 7, Thursday 6 oct, 15:00-17:00

IEM event: Event concerning master choice, minors, Bachelor IP and track choices.

By attending the event you get the chance of winning the giveaway of a helicopter flight for two people!

For IEM students and professors

Day 7, Thursday 6 oct, 22:00-3:00

Black light theme party with an open bar till 2am for beer, wine, and domestic distilled drinks

Lugus members +1
Brother and Sister boards.

Make sure to wear (old) white clothes or accessories! 


Covering all these activities, you can purchase the Passe-Partout. This will automatically give you access to all activities during the Lustrum week! Furthermore, by purchasing the Passe-Partout, you can enter the giveaway win actions every 20th of the month, starting in May and ending September 20th. Make sure to keep an eye on the social media platforms of Lugus for these giveaways ànd for new information about the Lustrum week!

NOTE: With a Passe-Partout you will be automatically subscribed to all events during the week. For questions or to unsubscribe to certain events please email

What: Lugus Lustrum
When: 30-9 to 6-10
Costs: €100,- for the Passe-Partout
Who: Everyone!


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