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About this event

Board 2020-2021
Date and time
24 Nov 2020 14:45 - 10 Jan 2021 14:50

Klaverjas Competition

What: Lugus Klaverjas Competition
When: Throughout semester 1b
Where: Various
Costs: Free
For Whom: Everyone


Around the Christmas break, the third edition of the Lugus Klaverjas Competition will commence! Over successive weeks, you and your mate will battle for the prize of the competition. Each week you will have to face a different team, since it is allowed to sit with four people, it is possible to start!  A schedule and ranking system will be shared with all the participating teams. It is possible to either subscribe as a team or individually (you will be paired up). Please send an email to to subscribe (include your team and teamname if applicable). Please subscribe before the 13th of December!


Here are the teams which have currently entered the competition(last updated 09/12/2020):

Team 1: Joris Molijn and Roel Steggink // 'EeuwigeRoem'

Team 2: Oscar Timte and Kris Schoeman // 'TroefTukkers'

Team 3: Ilse Overvelde and Merijn Kaal // 'KlaVerzakers'

Team 4: Bas van der Velde and Brendan Dijkstra // 'The B-Team'

Team 5: Nout Franke and Jos Groendijk // 'Troeventrekkers'

Team 6: Gijs Slosser and Rick Groen // 'What de Nel'

Team 7: Eveline Sahni and Geeske Ridder // 'De Nelpaarden'

Team 8: Tim Lankhuizen and Hanna van der Velde // 'De PITtige LEDen'

Team 9: Hidde Hofland and Daan Duzijn // 'De Bierkaai'

Team 10: Rudi van Driezum and Endre Eisenga  // 'De Klavertjes 4'

Team 11: Jan Douwe Breeuwsma and Lars Uijt de boogaardt // 'Laag Pitje'