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About this event

Board 2019-2020
Nov 11, 2019
Jan 15, 2020

Lugus Klaverjas Competition

What: Lugus Klaverjas Competition
When: Throughout semester 1b
Where: Various
Costs: Free
For Whom: Everyone


Right after the first exam period of this academic year, the second edition of the Lugus Klaverjas Competition will commence! Over successive weeks, you and your mate will battle for the prize of the competition. Each week you will have to face a different team, either at your own place or in a cafe enjoying some (special) beers. A schedule and ranking system will be shared with all the participating teams. It is possible to either subscribe as a team or individually (you will be paired up). Please send an email to to subscribe (include your team and teamname if applicable).


For the players that feel they do not have enough experience, a practice session is organised. On the 17th of October from 17:00 to 19:00, a short introduction to Klaverjas will be given, followed by 1.5 hours of practice. Some experienced players will be here to explain the ins and outs of this fun game. Subscribe here.


Teams (last update 18-10-2019)

1. Ruben Offringa & Dirk van de Riet // "Hun" (formerly known as "Wij")

2. Nout Franke & Jos Groendijk // "TroevenTrekkers"

3. Emma Langeveld & Marleen Sissing // "Troefzeker"

4. Joris Degenaar & Jonita Ruiter // "De Troeftoeters"

5. Folkert Post & Dominiek Steeman // "De Natte Nellen"

6. Gijs Slosser & Rick Groen // "What the Nell!"

7. Christopher de Bruijn & Erwin de Ruiter // "Kort Pittig"

8. Demi Martherus & Nina Pronk // To be determined

9. Carlijn van Dorst & Susan Veldman // To be determined

10. Joris Molijn & Kris Schoeman // "KlaverBakken"

11. Irene Lulofs & Bastiaan Kok // To be determined

12. Stijn de Boer & Benjamin Wentink // To be determined 

13. Bas Lindeboom & Felix van Berkestijn // "Bitternel"

14. Bram Gorter & Thomas Janssen // To be determined

15. Roel Steggink & Dirk Bleumer // "Pink Panthers"