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My Path to a Traineeship at Picnic

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“How did you end up at your traineeship at Picnic?” This is a question that I got (and still get) asked many times. The answer? Let’s answer that by telling you in a nutshell what happened from my IEM master period onward.

During my masters, I had the feeling that I did almost all that I wanted to do: I did committees, joined different student associations, did an internship at a Big Four company, worked as teaching assistant, and so forth. But there was one big missing: going abroad. I noticed during my gap year at Deloitte that working with people from different cultures was what I really liked. Therefore, I decided to go abroad: Taiwan was the destination. However, Covid came to destroy my plans for a year. After this year of cancellations, I decided to arrange my own abroad experience to Lisbon. Best choice of my life!

While partying, sunbathing, surfing, traveling, and a little bit of studying, I also had to think of my last step of the masters: the Design Project. That was the moment I first came in contact with Picnic. I saw a thesis project at the Business Strategy department of Picnic in Dusseldorf. After some interviews/assessments they told me that my background was more suitable for the operations department, but there was no open position. They recommended me to review the Fast Track To Leadership traineeship after my graduation.

After Lisbon, I moved (again) to Amsterdam to do my Design Project at Deloitte Cloud Engineering, the same department I did my internship at. Even though I loved the company and the colleagues, I missed applying the knowledge gained during studies and I noticed that I was curious how it is to work at a company which offers a product/service themselves. And guess what? So it happened.

I am already 9 months in this Fast Track to Leadership – Operations & Supply Chain traineeship. The funny thing is: I always said that I did not want to end up on a factory floor. Well, look at me now. And I am loving it: the dynamic, bubble proof working environment, the hands-on mentality, the fast paced scale-up attitude, my young (28 average), intelligent, and diverse colleagues, no 9-17 job, name it. During my first year, I work at a fulfillment center in Apeldoorn. My week is never the same, but in general I do 1 (morning or evening) shift a week, meaning that I am the supervisor on the floor, leading the process of orderpicking. The other days, I work on improving my KPIs (Quality of Service, and Planning), do check-ins with my captains (of which I am a teamlead), and visit other fulfillment centers. I could talk for ages about how it is to work at Picnic, and do this management traineeship, but if I made you interested by this teaser, I am always open to tell you more about it!

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