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Roel Steggink - My Board Year as a Treasurer

Hi, my name is Roel. I started studying IEM in 2016 and I come from the east of the Netherlands. After doing two committees at Lugus, I wanted to become part of the board to develop myself whilst having the most fun time of my life. As the treasurer of the 18th board in 2019-2020, I can say that I succeeded in both. From the time spent with my fellow board members, working hard on the bookkeeping or policy plan but also enjoying it with a beer or two, spending a lot of time together in the Lugus Lounge, to organising the events for and with our members, to the memorable ski trip. Every day is different and that makes it a thrill. I honestly can recommend it to all of you!


As the treasurer, my function was a bit more serious than the other positions on the board, for I learned to manage all the financial parts of an association. Put 1 or 2 zeros behind it, and it is the same as for a big firm. Besides that, especially during the Kandi period, we learned to function as a group and to work hard together. If you manage to learn that in your board year, you will go through the rest of your life with ease. Next to that, I got to know a lot of people and developed my social skills further. With a board year at Lugus on your CV, you are a very interesting candidate for companies, as you also got to know yourself very well. But you're learning it in the safe environment of the Lugus playground, guided by your fellow and former board members. 


I enjoyed all the social activities with my fellow board members and association members and the constitutional drinks with other associations. Although my fellow board members would probably say that I liked a neat bookkeeping the most ;P. However, what I liked most were the WoMiBos and especially the GroMiBos (Grolsch beugel drinks) which were always very busy WoMiBos in which we escalated until late with Tukkers and wannabee Tukkers. We always had very busy WoMiBos in our board year and we were progressing towards a new record high in Lounge turnover until Covid happened. Sometimes we stacked piles of crates until the roof from playing shut the box or track een bak mania.


After my board year, I did my masters in IEM in Groningen. Currently, I live in Utrecht together with my girlfriend and I have worked almost a year now as a Logistics analyst in one of the largest distribution centres for construction materials in the Netherlands.

Miche Sappia - Why I applied to the Lugus Board

Miche Sappia - Why I applied to the Lugus Board

About 2 years ago I was sitting at home, debating what you may be debating now- should I apply to the Lugus board? And now, looking back...


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