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About TBV Lugus

TBV Lugus is the study association for all students of Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Groningen. Lugus has over 700 members from all different tracks and years and is growing every year. With over 95 active members Lugus organizes social, educational and career-oriented activities. Next to organizing many events, TBV Lugus aims to facilitate contact between students and future employers. Are you interested in the upcoming Lugus events? Click here for an overview.


    Industrial Engineering & Management in context

    Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) is an engineering programme at the University of Groningen. The study contains a 80/20 division of engineering and management courses. The outcome of this study are engineers specialised in technical problem solving while keeping the managerial context in mind.

    In practice, a problem rarely stands by itself, there are many links with many other problems. These can be technical problems, but also logistical problems, such as the supply and transport of raw materials and finished goods, storage, security, environment, working conditions etc.

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      Interested in what TBV Lugus can do for your organization?

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