Information about Paul Rulkens

Paul Rulkens is an expert in high performance: the art and science of achieving business success in the easiest, fastest and most elegant way possible. He is an award-winning professional speaker, author and a trusted advisor who has helped hundreds of business owners, professionals and executives get everything they can out of everything they have. His ideas to accelerate business and careers are often described as thought provoking and counter intuitive, yet highly effective.

Paul has a M.S. in Chemical Engineering and is a former business manager, with 20 years of international experience working in operations, strategy and organizational development. Until recently, he has been responsible for building a high-performance organization at DSM, a global material and life sciences company.

Paul’s work is based on deep knowledge and extensive experience in the practical business application of behavioral psychology, neuroscience and especially common sense. His popular TED talks are used frequently in professional training sessions all over the world. On youtube you can find several of his famous TED talks.

He once was trained as a standup comedian, receiving critical acclaim for his Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation. However, the abysmal failure of his ensuing rapid muscle development project prevented him from pursuing his true calling in life: a career as a credible Arnold Schwarzenegger body double.

If you click here you will find one of his inspiring articles. 

5th of January 2016

FLED to Safety

On the 11th of January from 19:00h till 21:00h the second LED-Talk of this year will take place. The evening will be hosted by Jan Brommundt . He has worked at several humanitarian organizations and is professor of the Master program NOHA at the RuG. This Master program has an essential role in enhancing professionalism in the delivery of humanitarian aid. Therefore, professor Brommundt will give his perspective on the current refugee crisis and how humanitarian organisations act to this. 

17th of December 2015

 ‘’LED’s Solve Together’’ on the 24th of November during the first LED Day of the year.

Trainers of ‘Expertisecentrum PLATO’ will help you gain a better understanding of people and their behaviours in order to improve your team working skills. This training will also teach you the different types of personalities that you may encounter when working in a team, and how to successfully work together.

These new team working skills can directly be put into use in the second workshop of the day. In this workshop KPN Consulting will discuss how to solve cases and guide you through solving some cases yourself. Lastly, Rien Herber will give a small lecture about the importance of case solving and team working for your own professional career.  And of course, the day will be concluded with a drink and some snacks to allow you to discuss the day.

NOTE: In order to optimize the quality of the trainings, the day will be held in Dutch.

​14th of November 2015

On the 29th of September our first LED Event took place; namely the LED-Talk: 'OverruLED by Robots?'.

This event was very successful and gave us some insight into how we can make the next LED events even better.

LED Day 1 will take place on the 24th of November. This event will focus on case solving and communication, because we believe that these are essential skills. We are already in contact with several different training agencies/companies that will try to help you become a better case solver. We will announce the speakers and date of LED 1 as soon as possible.

20th of October 2015