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It has become quite clear that the COVID-19 will have an effect on what Lugus can and will organize the coming year.

That is why the Board has written a COVID-19 adaptation plan. In this plan, you can find the possible adaptations for events and general procedures.

Furthermore, on this page, the most recent regulations will be posted from the university as well as those of the government.

Updates from the university:

The new academic year has started with a hybrid system on the university. Small groups have tutorials on campus but most classes are still given online. For Lugus all introduction activities end at 22:00 and no alcohol is allowed. During activities 1.5 meter distance is kept.

The university is working on a hybrid/blended solution. This means that some parts of courses will be held online and other parts will be held physically again.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering will send its own updates regarding which degree the lectures/tutorials/practicals will be held online or physical. 

For more information:

Adaptation Plan

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