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It has become quite clear that the COVID-19 will have an effect on what Lugus can and will organize the coming year. That is why the board has written a COVID-19 adaptation plan. In this plan, you can find the possible adaptations for events and general procedures.

Furthermore, on this page, the most recent updates regarding COVID-19 regulations from the government, University and from Lugus will be posted.

Update: 30-9-2020

Dear Lugians,

We are living in strange times right now, and new COVID-19 regulations have been implemented by both the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (hereafter RIVM) and the University. As of Tuesday the 29th of September 18.00, some of the additional national measures which will come into effect are:

  • Working from home will remain the norm.
  • You can host no more than 3 guests in your home, garden or on your balcony in addition to your own household.
  • In other buildings, no more than 4 people can form a group (with the exception of students or pupils in an educational setting).
  • Inside, the number of people in 1 room is limited to 30 people (with the exception of educational institutions).
  • For outdoor activities, the number of people is limited to 40.
  • The advice is to keep travel to a minimum

These are only some of the additional COVID-19 measures: for all additional measures and more information, you can visit the webpage of the Government of the Netherlands. These additional measures will be in force for at least the next 3 weeks.

Since educational institutions are excluded from the national measures, students are still allowed to have physical lectures and travel to and from the University. However, the University is appealing everyone to study and work from home, unless it is really necessary to come to the Campus. For the most current update from the University, you can check out the information on this webpage.

Due to the special legal status we have as an association, Lugus is also excluded from the maximum of 4 people in a company rule. Therefore, the activities of Lugus can still be organized. However, as the COVID-19 situation is getting more severe, Lugus will adapt to these new regulations by changing her COVID-19 policy for at least the upcoming three weeks.

  • The organization of physical activities will be limited.
  • Where possible, activities that were planned will be organized outside with a maximum of 40 people to make sure enough distance can be kept at all times.
  • For activities inside, the board will check if the location is big enough to make sure that the RIVM regulations can be followed. If so, a maximum of 30 people can take part in this activity, and these people have to stay seated at the same spot for the entire event.
  • Some activities will be shifted to an online event, as the current RIVM, company and University regulations simply do not allow for these activities to take place physically.
  • As working from home remains the norm, the Lugus board will be working from home and the Lugus Lounge will be closed.

We hope to have informed you enough for now. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the board via For now, remember to stay healthy and safe!

Kind regards,

The 19th Lugus board

Update: 31-08-2020

The new academic year has started with a hybrid system on the university. Small groups have tutorials on campus but most classes are still given online. For Lugus all introduction activities end at 22:00 and no alcohol is allowed. During activities 1.5 meter distance is kept.

The university is working on a hybrid/blended solution. This means that some parts of courses will be held online and other parts will be held physically again.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering will send its own updates regarding which degree the lectures/tutorials/practicals will be held online or physical. 

For more information:

Adaptation Plan

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