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Committee Competition


Welcome to the Lugus Committee Competition page!

The Lugus Committee Competition is a contest between all the committees of Lugus where each committee can score point by fulfilling certain tasks. The competition will start at Dies on the 8th of October. Here, the first points can be obtained. Points can be achieved until the 17th of February. The winners will be announced at the WoMiBo the following week. The winners will receive a prize worth €180,-. The ranking of the teams can be found on the blackboard in the Lugus Lounge.

You might have seen the list of tasks and their points already. You can find the rules and a more elaborate explanation of the tasks below. Proof of every fulfilled task has to be provided in the form of a photo that can be sent to Remember: the board is always right.



Make a picture of you studying together (2 points)

Having fun is important, but don't forget what you are actually in Groningen for: getting your degree! However, studying alone is boring. Assemble your whole committee and go study together with your whole committee in the UB, the Secretariaat or any other place. This task can only be fulfilled once. Go and get those ECTS.

Attend the Christmas Dinner (2/1 points)

HO HO HO! The famous Lugus Christmas Dinner will take place on the 17th of December again. Celebrate Christmas with your favourite Lugians, a 3-course dinner and the annual Lugus Christmas Story. Attend this event with the full committee for 2 points and more than half of your committee for 1 point.

Attend the VLC Party (2/1 points)

Following the Christmas dinner, the VLC party takes place at De Drie Gezusters. VLC stands for Vip, Lugus, Clio, so the party is organised together with other study associations for a gigantic party. Wear your Most Christmasy clothes and shine. Attend this event with the full committee for 2 points and more than half of your committee for 1 point.

Attend the Alphabet Party (4/2 points)

The annual Alphabet Party. The 14th of February 2019. This event is a party with a large number of other study associations where the dress-up theme is a certain letter and you have to dress up as something starting with this letter. Attend this event with the full committee for 4 points and more than half of your committee for 2 point.

Have breakfast with the board at 10:00 at the Lugus Lounge (2/1 points)

Pfffff. 10 in the morning. In student terms this is still night. However, your beloved board is already present at the Lugus Lounge. Come and join them from tuesday to Friday and keep them company. They need it! Do this with the full committee for 2 points and more than half of your committee for 1 point. This task can only be fulfilled once.


Buy a present for Lugi (1 point)

Think of a nice snack or something nice for in the aquarium. A new, alive friend does not count as a present for Lugi. This task can only be fulfilled once.

Host a committee mix (4 points)

Sometimes it’s good to socialize with another committee on your Monday evenings. Therefore, you can earn points by having a committee mix. Apart from earning points, Lugus will pay €11,50 for a crate of beer during your committee mix. This €11,50 can be claimed once per committee. Send proof of your mix by sending in a picture of at least 70% of both committees present. You can do this task as often as you want, but it has to be a different committee everytime.

Buy a riedadtkrat at a WoMiBo (2 points)

Lighten up the mood by offering your fellow students a riedadtkrat from your committee. To prevent you from spending your whole loan on riedadtkratten, this task can only be fulfilled once.

Send in a picture for on the committee wall (1 point)

As you know, group pictures hang on the door of the Lugus Lounge. Send in a nice picture of your committee to let every member know who you are. This task can only be fulfilled once.

Make a picture with at least three generations of former committee members (3 points)

Getting to know your predecessors will help you in getting to know the history of the committee. Former committee members are wise and can help you a lot. Also, they’re usually very friendly people. Make a picture with (at least) three generations of former committee members to earn points. This task can only be fulfilled once.

Go on a committee weekend (5 points)

You will get to know each other better once you spend a longer consecutive time with each other. Plan a nice trip to either a city in the Netherlands or even go outside of it and have fun. Every committee member has to attend this weekend. This task can be fulfilled once.

Gather 15 Lugians in your house (3 points)

Try and see if you can fit this many Lugians in your room as well as on the picture. It might not be as easy as it sounds… This task can only be fulfilled once.

Do a head roll on the Grote Markt with the whole committee (1 point)

This task is rather straight forward. You have to have perfect timing to make a picture of people while they are doing a head roll. Perhaps a video is easier. This task can be fulfilled once.

Attend a WoMiBo with the whole committee (2/1 points)

Cut the week in half and have beer at the WoMiBo at 16 o’clock on Wednesdays. You score 2 points for a full committee and 1 point for more than 50% of the committee.

Join the Klaverjas Competition with at least two committee members (3 points)

Klaverjas is an originally Dutch card game that’s very popular among students in Groningen. If you don’t know how it works yet, you can follow the crash course on the 11th of October. Apply for the competition as a team or alone and win 3 points.

Send a postcard to the board from outside of the Netherlands (1 points)

Perhaps one of your committee members is going outside of the Netherlands before the end of the competition. He or she can send a postcard to the board on behalf of the committee. Perhaps your committee weekend is outside of the Netherlands and you can send a postcard from there! This task can be fulfilled once per country.

Make a picture of your committee on the Martini Tower (2 points)

The way to the top of the Martini Tower is quite the trip. This both physically and emotionally demanding. This is the perfect way to bond with your colleagues. Make a group picture at the top and achieve 2 points. This task can only be fulfilled once.

Bake a cake for the board (1 point)

Your beloved and hardworking board deserves something nice every now and then too. Of course we don’t want them to get fat, so this task can only be fulfilled once. They gain enough bestuurskilo’s on their own.

Write a committee song and sing it for the board (2 points)

Write an anthem for your committee to show your pride and dedication to your committee. The board will decide whether it is sufficiently good. This task can only be performed once.

Attend a LED event (3/2 points)

The board values personal development among its members. Now you gain both knowledge as well as points when attending a LED event. You receive 3 points when you join a LED event with your full committee and 2 points when at least 50% attends. This counts for every LED event within the given timeframe.

Attend a Social (3/1 points)

Approximately every month, Lugus hosts a Social at ‘t Golden Fust with 250 free beers. You don’t even have to make a picture of your committee yourself. The photographers will also be walking around to make pictures of you. You earn 3 points for your full committee and 1 point for more than 50% of your committee.

Attend Parents Day with at least half of your committee (3/2 points)

This is the chance to show your parents where you are walking around in Groningen and what you do. Here, you can also meet the parents of your fellow committee members. Maybe it might be difficult for some parents to come. Therefore, you earn 3 points for more than 50% of your committee and 2 points for more than 30% of your committee.

Beat Nout in a game of chess (2 points)

Can the smartest member of the board be outsmarted? As a committee, you have one chance to beat Nout. You have to win this first time to win the 2 points. Challenge him whenever he’s not too busy acquiring sponsorships.

Pull a pipe quicker than Bjarne (2 points)

Everyone has their own talents. Bjarne found his’ out when he came to Groningen. Make your quickest committee member challenge Bjarne at the Lugus Lounge after 4 o’clock. If you win, you’ll win to points. You can challenge Bjarne only once.

Beat Lauren in a game of Hamsterflying (2 points)

If you’re not familiar with Hamsterflying, Lauren is more than happy to explain this to you. Whenever one of your committee members feels confident enough, he or she can challenge her. But as a committee, you have to be sure of it. You can challenge her only once.

Beat Gijs in a “no blinking contest” (2 points)

Rumor has it that Gijs has two fake eyes and that’s why he is able to not blink for so long. Who can keep his eyes open the longest within your committee. Send hem or her to challenge Gijs. You have only one attempt.

Go swimming with Emma (2 points)

This one might seem easy, right? Emma Goes swimming on a regular basis, and she always likes if someone comes with her. Ask her whenever she goes and have someone go with her. However, she might go swimming on rather unpleasant times… A committee member can only go swimming with her once.