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Promotion Committee

The promotion committee will assist the board with creating promotional materials for TBV Lugus. This brand new committee can be seen as an executing committee, indicating that it does not include the weekly committee evenings and has a lower workload compared to other committees. However, when being in this committee, you can enjoy the perks of being an active member just like any other committee, such as joining the active members day and weekend!. Together with Lugians who also share an interest in design, you will help create visually pleasing social media posts and other promotion and hereby extend and develop your Indesign and/or Photoshop skills. The workload of the committee is roughly +/- 1 hour per week and can easily be done alongside another committee.

Skills needed: InDesign and/or Photoshop

Promotion Committee 2021-2022

Lucia Bartesaghi (2019) General Member
Myriam Kammüller Pont (2019) General Member
Inez Erwin Magino (2019) General Member
Joris Molijn (2017) General Member
Ilse Overvelde (2018) Chairman
Kris Schoeman (2017) General Member