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Become Active!

What are committees?

Lugus organizes several activities for its members throughout the year, like parties, socials, the Introduction Weekend, the Technology and Society Congress, the Beta Bedrijven Dagen, the multi-day excursion and study related activities. As an organizing committee you organize these events and activities and you produce something in the name of the association. For instance our magazine 'Lugograaf'. You always do this in collaboration with your committee. You prepare an activity and hurry for a deadline with a group, which is very nice and instructive!

Why should I do committee work?

Committee work enriches your study time. You get to know a new group of enthusiastic people with whom you will organize an amazing activity. This requires a lot of your organizational skills. You will gradually develop these skills during your year as a committee. Furthermore, you will learn a lot about companies, the university and printed media, depending on the committee. Also, the Acitivity committee organizes parties and get-togethers with your fellow students, where you will get to know many people. If you are a committee member and you are putting effort into organizing an event, you will get rewarded by being invited to the Active Members Weekend (ALW), a very nice weekend organized to thank all the active members of Lugus!

Can I also do committee work?

Any member of Lugus can join a committee, no matter how experienced you are. Every year, each committee is filled with new people. When you join a committee, learning and improving skills which are not related to the study is important.

You can apply for the following committees:

- Almanac Committee
- LuGuides
- Lugus Photographers

Want to apply for any of the committees?

Please send your CV and motivational letter to

The deadline for the applications for the LuGuides and Lugus Photographers is the 24th of June!

The deadline for the applications for the almanac committee is the 10th of June!